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Karate Contest Home Edition was born with many goals: raise funds for
Protezione Civile Italiana (“Emergenza Coronavirus”)
and/or for
World Health Organization,
keep alive the Karate habit in Athletes of all ages, maintain the links between Athletes and Technicians within the Sports Club and create a moment to break the forced home routine.
To fully  enjoy the benefits offered by this type of competition, both  psychological and social, we recommended to all Athletes and the  families involved, not to make the video immediately, but to perform  some tests, film them and view the recordings, in order to find the best  motor solution to optimize the available workspace.
In this  way the Parent can intervene and participate in the child's activity by  sharing a "work" moment with him; the Adult Athlete can have a moment of  self-evaluation, if not actually introspection.

  1. The Competition is open to Athletes of all Ages and Grades.
  2. Sending  Videos is permitted only to people of Legal Age, namely: Technicians,  Adult Athletes and Legal Tutors of Minor Athletes (for example:  parents).
  3. Sending  the Video implies, by tacit consent, the publication of the Video on  the designated Media, in compliance with current legislation (including  immediate cancellation at the request of the interested party).
  4. All Videos will be published on a Facebook page (FB); The winning Videos will be published on a dedicated Youtube Channel.
  5. Each Athlete can send only one Video (one for Karate and one for Kobudo).
  6. All  participants are considered in compliance with the Medical  Certification. The control of the Medical Certification is the  responsibility of the Technician, the Adult Athlete and the Legal Tutors  of the Minor Athlete (e.g. Parents).
  7. All  Sports Clubs can participate in the Competitions without restrictions  but also Athletes who are not registered in Sports Clubs.
  8. To  participate in the Competition, a White Karate GI or a Black Kobudo GI  is required; Kata Videos made with any other type of clothing other than  the one indicated above will not be taken into consideration.

  1. The competition will take place in the form of an individual kata.
  2. The evaluation of the Kata will take place in two phases:
  • A first evaluation will be made by FB users with the Likes system; Videos with more Likes will be evaluated.
  • The  first 5 videos with the most Likes will be verified by a commission of  three technicians for the sole purpose of verifying that the Videos meet  all the requirements; in the event of irregularities, the video in  question will be deleted and the next one will enter the list.
Competition Area
  1. The  Competition Area must have a Maximum Surface of 2 x 2 meters or a  Minimum Surface of 1.50 x 1.50 meters, free of roughness and obstacles.
  2. The  Competition Area must be delimited by clearly visible, White or Colored  Adhesive Tape; The Transparent Adhesive Tape is not allowed (the  adhesive tape must be positioned inside the Valid Surface).
  1. The GI  (Kimono) white of Karate or black of Kobudo is mandatory; Kata Videos  made with any other type of clothing other than the one indicated above  will not be taken into consideration.
  2. The belt worn in the video attests the grade.
  1. Each Athlete must salute within the Competition Area, perform the Kata and finish with the Salute within the Competition Area.
  2. Is not allowed touch the surface outside the Competition Area (see examples 1 and 2).
  3. Is  allowed to pass the Competition Area with Trunk, Limbs or Head as long  as no horizontal or vertical surface is touched (see examples A and B).
  4. All Kata Techniques must be performed without exception.
  5. The directionality of the techniques (Embusen) must be respected.
  6. However: it is possible to perform the techniques on site
  • 1. Recalling the advanced foot
  • 2. Advancing the back foot
  • 3. Spreading the forward or backward foot to the right or left
  • 4. Tightening the left or right foot to the right or left
  1. You can find Exemplary Videos on Youtube on the "Kaishu Kobudo Roma" Channel

Specific for Kobudo
Not all Traditional Kobudo Weapons are allowed; the only weapons allowed are:
  1. SAI
  1. TONFA
  1. KAMA
  1. TEKKO
Athletes  can perform only one Kata in a single Specialty (i.e. with only one of  the above mentioned Weapons), Kata with Weapons other than those  indicated are not allowed.

Athletes will be divided by age as follows:
Pre-Competitive (Children born in 2009 and following years)

  1. NEWCOMER, male or female, (from 2016 to 2015).
  2. CHILD, male or female, (from 2014 to 2013).
  3. KID, male or female, (from 2012 to 2011).
  4. YOUTH, male or female, (from 2010 to 2009).
Competitive (Athletes born in 2008 and in previous years)
  1. ROOKIE, male or Female, (from 2008 to 2007).
  2. CADET, male or Female, (from 2006 to 2005).
  3. JUNIOR, male or female, (from 2004 to 2003).
  4. SENIOR, male or female, (from 2002 to 1985).
  5. VETERAN A / F, male or female, (from 1984 to 1955).

The organizers reserve the right to merge Age Classes as needed.

  • White Belts
  • Yellow Belts
  • Orange Belts
  • Green Belts
  • Blue Belts
  • Brown Belts
  • Black Belts
The organizers reserve the right to merge the categories as needed.

The  competition fee amounts to € 5.00 (Five Euros) voluntary and not  mandatory (nobody will check); the fee can be paid directly to the  following Humanitarian Organizations:
by  Bank Transfer
Iban:  IT84 Z030 6905 0201 0000 0066 387
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Spa
Filiale di Via del Corso, 226 – Roma

By Credit Card directly on the web site:

The Videos can be uploaded via message to the "Karate Home Edition" Facebook page or sent to the email address
Together  with the Video, must be indicatedonly the performer’s Year of Birth.  The winners will be contacted through the same system with which they  sent the Video.
Further information at the email address indicated above and on the website:
Deadline for registration is Sunday 26 April 2020 at 24.00. If the organizers deem appropriate, reserve the right to close the registrations before that date.
The  first 5 classified in each category will receive a Certificate with the  result obtained and an email of thanks for the donation.



Foto 1 – Athlete still competing         Foto 2 – Athlete Eliminated

       Foto A e B – Athletes still competing

here are 2 sample videos
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